JuliaRobotics Tutorials

This page lists some of the talks and tutorials given by members of the JuliaRobotics community. These tutorials show off various parts of the JuliaRobotics ecosystem, including kinematics, dynamics, optimization, and visualization.

Dynamic Walking 2018: “Julia For Robotics”

Date: May 25th, 2018

Presenters: Twan Koolen and Robin Deits

Materials: https://github.com/rdeits/DynamicWalking2018.jl

This talk presents an overview of the Julia programming language with a focus on applications for robotics. We cover basic elements of Julia including arrays, functions, types, and multiple dispatch, and then we present tools for kinematics, dynamics, simulation, visualization, and model-predictive control optimization.

Juliacon 2017: “The Present and Future of Robotics in Julia”


Presenters: Twan Koolen and Robin Deits

Materials: https://github.com/tkoolen/RoboticsJuliaCon2017.jl/


We (Twan and Robin) are graduate students in the Robot Locomotion Group at MIT. Our research focuses on modeling and optimization for the simulation and control of walking (and sometimes flying) robots. We’ve been using Julia in our research over the past year, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned, what we’ve built, and what we’re hoping to see in the future of Julia. We would also like to talk about how some of the best parts of the Julia ecosystem have made our work possible, like JuMP.jl, ForwardDiff.jl, and StaticArrays.jl. And, finally, we plan to discuss what we hope to see in Julia’s future, including what the role of Julia can be inside a real-time robot controller.