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Caesar.jl is a community project to facilate software technology development for localization and mapping from multiple sensor data, and multiple sessions or human / semi-autonomous / autonomous agents. This software is being developed with broadly Industry 4.0, Robotics, and Work of the Future in mind. Caesar.jl is an "umbrella package" to combine many other libraries from across the Julia package ecosystem.

Commercial Products and Services's NavAbility products and services build upon, continually develop, and help administer the Caesar.jl suite of open-source libraries. Please reach out for any additional information (, or using the community links provided below.

Various mapping and localization solutions are possible both for commercial and R&D. We recommend taking a look at:

Follow this page to see the NavAbility Tutorials which are zero install and build around specific application examples.

Origins and Ongoing Research

Caesar.jl developed as a spin-out project from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. See related works on the literature page. Many future directions are in the works – including fundamental research, implementation quality/performance, and system integration.

Consider citing our work: CITATION.bib.

Community, Issues, Comments, or Help

Post Issues, or Discussions for community help. Maintainers can easily transfer Issues to the best suited package location if necessary. Also see the history of changes and ongoing work can via the Milestone pages (click through badges here). You can also get in touch via Slack at .


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JuliaRobotics Code of Conduct

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Next Steps

For installation steps, examples/tutorials, and concepts please refer to the following pages: