Developers Documentation

High Level Requirements

Wiki to formalize some of the overall objectives.

Standardizing the API, verbNoun Definitions:

The API derives from a set of standard definitions for verbs and Nouns, please see the developer wiki regarding these definitions.

DistributedFactorGraphs.jl Docs

These are more hardy developer docs, such as the lower level data management API etc.

Design Wiki, Data and Architecture

More developer zone material will be added here in the future, but for the time being check out the Caesar Wiki.

Tree and CSM References

Major upgrades to how the tree and CSM works is tracked in IIF issue 889.

Coding Templates

We've started to organize useful coding templates that are not available elsewhere (such as JuliaDocs) in a more local developers

Shortcuts for vscode IDE

See wiki

Parametric Solve Whiteboard

PoC Work on ROS Setup

Early ROS workflow has now been integrated for more standard (SLAM-style) front-end development in the RoME.jl package, however, early work required some debugging for ROS environment setup which is maintained no a wiki here.

Early PoC work on Tree based Initialization

Wiki for variable ordering links.

Developer's Poem

Soft gitty, 
Warm gitty, 
Merging change, you sure?
Happy travy, 
Sleepy travy,