Creating New Variables

A handy macro can help define new variables which shows a Pose2 example with 3 degrees of freedom: X, Y, theta:

@defVariable StructName manifolds<:ManifoldsBase.Manifold

A macro to create a new variable with name StructName and manifolds. Note that the manifolds is an object and must be a subtype of ManifoldsBase.Manifold. See documentation in Manifolds.jl on making your own.


DFG.@defVariable Pose2 SpecialEuclidean(2)

The macro generates the necessary code for IncrementalInference to be able to use a new user defined variable – e.g.:

addVariable!(fg, :x0, MyVariable)

See RoME.jl#244 regarding plans to fundamentally integrate with Manifolds.jl

The format for defining manifolds is likely to change in the near future (2021Q1), where manual descriptions like (:Euclid, :Euclid, :Circular) will be replaced with a more formal definition like SE2 or Manifolds.ProductRepr(Euclid{2}, Rotation).