Images and Fiducials


One common use in SLAM is AprilTags.jl. Please see that repo for documentation on detecting tags in images. Note that Caesar.jl has a few built in tools for working with Images.jl too.

using AprilTags
using Images, Caesar

Which immediately enables a new factor specifically developed for using AprilTags in a factor graph:

Missing docstring.

Missing docstring for Caesar.Pose2AprilTag4Corners. Check Documenter's build log for details.

Using Images.jl

The Caesar.jl ecosystem support use of the JuliaImages/Images.jl suite of packages. Please see documentation there for the wealth of features implemented.

Handy Notes

Converting between images and PNG format:

bytes = Caesar.toFormat(format"PNG", img)

More details to follow.

Images enables ScatterAlign

See point cloud alignment page for details on ScatterAlignPose